Repair & Maintenance

Engineering Repair Services in Auckland

If you require skilled engineers to repair a machine or piece of equipment important to your business, we can help at MGE Engineering.

If you can transport the machine or piece of equipment to our Auckland facility, we can complete the repair in our factory. Our factory is fully equipped with modern engineering equipment, and all members of our team are skilled and experienced.

If it’s not possible to bring the machine or piece of equipment to us, we can also provide an on-site engineering repair service.

We will ensure to complete the repair in a timely manner, keeping in mind that you have minimal downtime.


To enquire or book a callout service, please contact us on (09) 273-3059 or to discuss your requirements.

Engineering Maintenance in Auckland

The best way to keep your machines and equipment operating optimally while also minimising breakdowns is to have them serviced at regular intervals ensuring that they are maintained at the standard required to operate and function fully.

At MGE Engineering, we offer a full range of engineering maintenance services to companies in a wide range of industries. Our maintenance services are available either in-house or at your location, plus we can complete the maintenance work at a time that best suits your business.